The flag day discussed in WIX VLAN Migration went off smoothly, at least, as far as I know nobody grizzled.

There are now 101 devices in the WIX vlan, and ~25 left in the mud vlan. Traffic across the bridge isn't quite as low as I'd like, I'm expecting (praying) it'll drop as FX, NZWireless and Knossos move across.

If we ignore the route servers and the Citylink NMS, then the remaining devices in the mud vlan can be divided into two sets of customers - those working on migrating, and those Citylink hasn't talked to yet, and so who don't know they need to migrate.

First up, the easy ones. This first list are all in progress with each provider doing their thing, they have the Citylink resources they need - there's nothing particularly for Citylink to do other than pester them to stick with it.

ISP IP MAC Comments
fx3 0:21:a0:56:2c:19
fx4 b4:14:89:8:12:20
nzwireless 0:12:1e:7b:3e:14
nzwireless2 0:18:b9:a6:68:41
knossos 0:c:76:7e:92:80 waiting on fx3
knossos-duxton 0:d:b9:1a:16:d4 "
parliament1 0:1f:9e:fd:58:c0 waiting on internal tidyups
parliament2 0:23:5e:fe:33:e0 "
datalight 0:24:dc:12:e1:1 "

The more interesting list is the list of customers Citylink hasn't yet got to:

ISP IP MAC Comments
tc2 0:90:1a:40:21:3a
telstraclear 0:90:1a:40:3a:7d
tsb1lh 0:8:20:4c:1c:1a also
telstraclear2 0:90:1a:9f:f9:7c
clear-ba1-atm1 0:d0:bb:a8:d8:c0
xtra 0:d0:97:5:64:0
asnet1 0:9:f:67:1d:f7
asnet2 0:60:d1:4f:ee:f8
businessonline 0:f:35:2c:61:56 Vector?
juniper 0:5:85:ca:d0:c0
3months 0:14:a9:73:cb:d0
natlib1 0:1b:54:e1:eb:10
inz1 0:23:33:ed:5d:8a
ssc 0:25:45:f3:50:e1

If you ignore the first five TelstraClear devices which are something of a special case, the rest all have much the same issues which have prevented them being migrated into the WIX vlan. They are all responding to at least two IP address on the interface they have attached to the MUD vlan - generally a WIX address and some kind of transit activity on the same Citylink interface. The bridge between the two vlans drops non-WIX ARP, which means that their transit activities won't work so good if they were dropped inside the WIX vlan.

This is inferred from a close examiniation of arpwatch records, some pinging, and a fair amount of ancient memory, none of which are particularly accurate. So there's a likelihood that some of the second list above don't use WIX, or don't do transit over Citylink, or both, and haven't got around to tidying up their interfaces.

I'm likely signing off from the WIX migration now - it'll fall to somebody else within Citylink to finish off, which may mean that it gets persued with enthusiasm, or may not get persued at all, depending on how they feel about having vlans bridged together long term.

So if a router you control is in the first list above, keep at it and get migrated ASAP - your country needs you!

If a router you control is in the second list above, and you aren't using WIX, or you aren't using a transit block, then remove the unused IP's from your router interface, let Citylink know and they'll stuff you into the appropriate vlan.

If a router you control is in the second list above, and you are still doing both peering and transit on different IP blocks, and you don't like the idea of being a second class citizen on WIX, then you need another connection to Citylink (and another interface on your kit). I'd encourage anybody in that position to get in touch with Citylink and get the provisioning process moving. It'll go a lot better if you, an actual customer, talk to them, rather than waiting for them to get around to chatting with you.

Thanks for your time!